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Heidi Russo


The one thing you can say about Heidi is, “She can take it.” This business is hard. It is full of surprises and unforeseen issues that easily frazzle a less seasoned agent and can rattle and upset good clients.

Simply put, real estate is full of turbulence and problems, that’s why folks want a guide when they go through one of the most treacherous endeavors of their financial life. Heidi was born to be an agent. And we mean that literally. Heidi grew up as the only daughter and has five brothers and that formed her keen perspective which allows her to not get caught up in the weeds and drama of real estate.

Heidi calls it like she sees it and with her years of experience she can smell a rat, see problems before they occur and will help her clients navigate the tricky waters of real estate like the pro she is.

She’s a straight-shooter and a superb negotiator. She works her ass off for her clients and says, “If I can get it for you I will.”

Reports Heidi, “I have tons of patience and I don't want you to buy something unless you are sure it's right for you. I’ve had to talk people out of houses that were too small for their needs, or not close enough to transportation when they said that was one of the critical things about their purchase when we started. Isn’t the point to find you a house that will meet your needs? Don’t fall for Quartz countertops, you can always install them later, but you can’t change your location. I will spend the time we need to make sure you get the house that is a good fit for you.” And when problems come up, and they will unless you win the real estate lottery, you are in the smart hands of Cool Hand Luke, uh, we mean Heidi Russo.

536 Main Street
Melrose MA 02176

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"Very confident in dealing with the details and negotiations from beginning to end, starting with the selling price. I was very impressed with the entire team and would recommend the them to anyone looking for a realtor."


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