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Alison Socha


Meet Alison. She totally doesn’t approve of bragging or making oneself look important so we’ll have to do it for her. She reluctantly accepts all her cool real estate awards. Oh, and did we mention she was among the top ten agents in the entire firm this year?
Alison is the head honcho, the Grand Poobah of the team. Why? She is “wicked smart” and just a “little” competitive (Yup, HS Class Valedictorian and the Cardinal Medeiros Scholar at BU) and if that isn’t enough she is so thoughtful and considerate that it’s hard to keep up with her. She’s a hard worker. First one in the office in the morning and usually the last to leave the office. Her clients get exceptional care. She wouldn’t have it any other way.
Fun fact about Alison. Do you know she babysat Linda O’s kids and has worked for or with Linda in one capacity or another since she was 12 years old? She has been licensed since 2003 and has helped Linda develop all of her systems for Buyers and Sellers to help clients build value in their transaction.
This team has been so successful because we have fundamentally changed the way real estate is done. And Alison has embraced all of our new ideas, methods and strategies to ensure our Seller clients get the best terms and price and that Buyer clients are educated to build value when they purchase. Alison empowers her clients and guides them to good, creative choices.
Like any agent of this caliber, she works all the time. We try and encourage her to take time off, but it usually results in her coming into the office in non-business clothes pretending she’s not working.
If she looks familiar maybe you’ve seen her at St. Mary’s where she has served on one committee or another for most of her life, including reading, leading small groups and serving as Vice-Chair of the Parish Council or at one of her many political activities? She can be found at most civic events.
Count on Alison for superb advice and wisdom. If you are looking for an agent who is going to tell you what you want to hear, well, then you need to look elsewhere. We want to tell you the kind truth. The things you need to hear to make the best decisions. We may not be for everybody, but we know that clients who take our advice are damn happy with the results. We want you to work in your enlightened self-interest. If you truly want to maximize your buy or sell be open-minded and let Alison guide and help you. She won’t let you make big mistakes and when problems come up, and they will, she is one hell of a problem solver.

536 Main Street
Melrose MA 02176

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"10 years ago my husband and I asked Alison to help us purchase our first home and she quickly became our most trusted real estate advisor. Since then she has assisted us with purchases and sales. She approaches each situation with a perfect mix of positivity and realism. She’s honest, trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable about the local housing market. She goes above and beyond to ensure successful transactions and we can’t recommend her enough."


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