Our Four Broker Owners meet in our Boston Office
Our Story

We are a band of real estate agents debunking the used car salesman myth. 

We don’t make promises we can’t keep.

We are the kickass folks who eat marketing campaigns for breakfast. Our breed lunches on the adrenaline of competing offers and dines on details of the complicated sale. Champagne glasses are raised for clients who, despite all of the aggravation and turmoil, damn it, get to the finish line. Meet our tribe of nerds, gardeners, yogis, brothers from another mother, soul sisters, dog lovers, cat people, style setters, beekeepers and skydivers. We are jazz enthusiasts, triathlon champions, energy-conscious foodies, artists, musicians and bookworms. We divine wisdom from market data for people who need our help. We are profoundly loyal and dedicated to the victory of those who are smart enough to hire us. We thrive on common sense. We specialize in tactics that result in more money for sellers. We don’t let our buyers fall for it. We are not greedy. We always do the right thing. We know the ultimate win in real estate is treating everyone fairly. We are sad that isn’t universally understood. Heck, we live for sellers to get full exposure and buyers to have a chance to make their best offer. We cooperate because that is the only way it works for everybody. Moving is full of the salt of human tears and the joy of dreams achieved. We make it happen. We outsmart the competition because we solve problems people don’t know they have. We rejoice when clients get to where they want to go. At Leading Edge, agents flourish because clients win. We perform real estate like Monet paints water lilies or Louie Armstrong plays his horn. It’s an art.


We’ve thought of it all, so you don’t have to.