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Linda OKoniewski Headshot

Linda O's vision--Build a company where the consumer not only trusts, but insists, on hiring a Leading Edge agent to protect themselves from the shenanigans and monkey business that goes on behind closed doors. Wall Street real estate companies are driven by profits, not client care or fiduciary duty. Buyers and sellers don't understand how they can be undermined by their own agent. Linda is all about restoring honor to the profession. Leading Edge is the company that can always be trusted to do the right thing.


As an independent company, her leadership team can pivot instantly to adjust to drastic market changes, and spring into action to meet the needs of loyal agents and their clients. When Covid hit, she led daily company meetings to navigate the challenge. It paid dividends when six months after the pandemic started, Leading Edge had outpaced the market in sales by a whopping 21.2%.

Inspired by the Notorious RBG, Linda dreams of emulating Ginsberg's focus on justice, fairness and opportunity for growth for all in her organization and those she touches. Plus, like her idol, she plans to be around for a long time. She can't imagine doing anything else.


Linda O’s daring, provocative and edgy presentations are driving change in the real estate industry.  


A sassy redhead, she is confronting standard real estate practice by turning assumptions upside down. She was named one of the most influential people in real estate by Inman News. 

By incorporating emotional intelligence and behavioral science, Linda continues to develop new ideas, strategies and tactics for real estate professionals.


Linda’s powerful stories, fascinating data and bold ideas engage audiences who leave with previous notions about real estate re-framed and redefined.   


Convinced that agents can be very profitable without compromising the consumer, her training is driving amazing results for buyers, sellers and agents. Her devotion to educating the heroes and heroines who work tirelessly to serve their clients is unparalleled. 


Count on Linda for high-energy engagement that will captivate an audience and inspire them to try new concepts in their business.


She has brought her ideas to four continents.  Her signature program, Linda O’ Boot Camp, is now available for all agents everywhere.

Her energetic, mind-bending coaching has proven to double and triple agent's income. She is the vanguard for transforming the way real estate is practiced.  Linda has a keen ability to position new ideas and provide insight to create better ways to help consumers maximize value. She lives to strategize with agents to grow their business. As a challenger, Linda is always looking for ways to improve and outsmart the competition.

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