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Leading Edge Affiliate Partner Program

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Power your business with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does LEAP solve my problems?

Partnering with our one-of-a kind Leading Edge Affiliate Program, or “LEAP”, is a game-changer for small brokerages and teams that want to scale and focus on what makes them money.  Leading Edge provides, well, everything.  Everything you've been meaning to get to, develop, investigate, learn and create.  It's a plug and play brokerage system.

What services are included?

Think of LEAP as “Brokerage in a Box”.

Click to see our wealth of services and support.

As an owner and prospective affiliate, how do I benefit from LEAP?

LEAP allows you, the owner and operator of your business, to grow your brokerage or team by leveraging all of the resources and systems that Leading Edge has spent over 20 years developing and perfecting. You focus on your real estate business and Leading Edge handles all of your marketing, design, compliance, commission, escrow, agent payments, technology, education, coaching, mentoring, relocation and development. This is the only complete package of its kind in the industry.

And there's more!

Is this a franchise system?


This is NOT a franchise! When you own a franchise you pay upfront, monthly, and other fees in return for access to a brand. You assume all the liability and risk of an independent business owner without the necessary infrastructure to thrive and prosper. No other company is offering every service you need to run your entity from technology and training and compliance and finance, to relocation and marketing.


When you own a franchise, you have to build everything to support your agents. We know, we had a franchise. So, we set about to create a product unlike any other in real estate. A system we wish we had when we started.  LEAP will catapult your business. You LEAP past the drudgery by saving the years it takes to develop all the systems and services it took us decades to create.  With LEAP you can focus on the profitable activities and not the multitude of mundane operational duties you need to grow.

Where are you accepting affiliate partners?


You are eligible to partner outside of Leading Edge locations throughout New England. Affiliates are required to open and maintain their own office space in an approved market.

What are the costs for the LEAP Partner Program?


As an affiliate partner, your investment is a per-transaction fee. You choose the plan that works for you. There are NO upfront costs, monthly cost, quota, or any other fee to be part of the program. Contact us for details.

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