Khalima Botus-Foster Headshot

When you think like a hustler, it’s best to surround yourself with hustlers. Since starting, Khalima is surrounded by true hustlers at Leading Edge. 

She is the third of four children raised in Inner City Boston, and the first of her siblings to receive their Degree. Aside from her degree in Communications, she has over 5 plus years of office experience. 

Besides creating positive energy throughout her office, she also taps into her creativity with crochet. She has a crochet business called LimaLoops, that embodies sisterhood in every stitch. Khalima also proclaims herself as the “next Oprah” — She grew up passionate about broadcasting and pouring into her community. 

Khalima also loves dogs — she gained two rescue dogs during the pandemic, Roscoe and Ginger. When she's not working in the office, she’s either crocheting, hanging out with her friends and dogs, or cooking with her family. She has high hopes for what her future holds at Leading Edge.