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Kathy Coates Headshot

Kathy Coates was born in Boston and raised in Belmont, MA. She's the oldest of 7 children.  Kathy married her high school sweetheart, now married 43 plus years. They have three grown children, Steven, Jack & Kelly. They also all graduated from Belmont High School. 

Kathy says that it has been a pleasure working with the intelligent, passionate, caring, hardworking staff, agents and leadership of Leading Edge Real Estate for almost 4 years. 

Kathy is the Office Administrator in the Arlington and Winchester offices. She serves as the face of each office. Her day-to-day goal is to help agents and team members run their businesses smoothly, and in an organized fashion, so that they can focus on their client base and provide top notch service. Kathy likes to add a little laughter and fun to the office as well - building relationships with coworkers and vendors is very important to her.


Outside of Leading Edge, Kathy LOVES spending time with her family - She's enjoying her Grammy role to her 7 year old granddaughter Casey, loving the sleepovers and little arm around the neck squeeze hugs.  Kathy enjoys trying new restaurants, girls weekends with her daughter,  watching the Red Sox play at Fenway, cooking and fishing.

If Kathy had one wish to be granted, she would ask that everyone be kind!

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