meet linda o'

Linda O’s daring, provocative and edgy presentations are driving change in the real estate industry.

A sassy redhead, Linda is confronting standard real estate practice by turning assumptions upside down. She was named one of the most influential people in real estate by Inman News. By incorporating emotional intelligence and behavioral science, Linda continues to develop new ideas, strategies, and tactics for real estate professionals. Linda’s powerful stories, fascinating data and bold ideas engage audiences who leave with previous notions about real estate re-framed and redefined.   

As CEO of Leading Edge, Linda isn’t merely steering the ship—she’s charting a course for an industry overhaul, demonstrating firsthand that real estate can operate at a profoundly higher echelon. Convinced that agents can be very profitable without compromising the consumer, her training is driving amazing results for buyers, sellers and agents. Her devotion to educating the heroes and heroines who work tirelessly to serve their clients is unparalleled.

Count on Linda for a high-energy engagement that will captivate an audience and inspire them to try new concepts in their business. Known for empowering agents to outsmart the competition, she has brought her plans of action to four continents.  Her signature program, Linda O’ Boot Camp, went International in 2019.


Unlock Sky-High Gains

Be More Than a REALTOR®; Be a Movement.

Our 'raise the bar' pledge isn't a tagline; it's your new mantra. Unwavering support. Relentless innovation. With us, it's about honing an undiluted focus to catapult you into uncharted heights.

When you're exceptionally good for your clients, you don't just beat the competition—you redefine it. Our data backs it up: Leading Edge agents boast a sale-to-list price ratio that outstrips any other company. In this industry, better client outcomes don't just happen—they're engineered.

Unapologetically Redefining “Top Producer”

The Leading Edge experience is more than an upgrade; it’s a fresh and innovative way to think about your business. Our commitment? It’s as rock-solid as they come. When you climb aboard with Leading Edge, you're not just another agent—you're an industry pioneer. So buckle up; it’s going to be an exhilarating ride.

Your success isn't just our mission; it's a proven outcome.

Don't Play the Game; Learn to Change it.

We are committed to your success—personally and professionally. Can you sharpen your service to not just satisfy clients but to utterly astound them? These are not questions; they're challenges, and we've got the toolkit to help you rise to them.

Our 2021 data reveals that Leading Edge agents who dig into our systems and training saw their deal-making prowess explode—boosting transaction numbers by a jaw-dropping 62% in two years.

Not your standard chalk talk

Get ready to shatter ceilings

This is a seismic shift in thinking and execution, packed with actionable insights that equip agents to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible.

We’re not here to spoon-feed you the tired old tactics you’ve seen a hundred times before. Leading Edge challenges the status quo, spurring you to question whether you’re working harder when you could be working smarter. Why settle for pushing papers when you could be disrupting markets?

Agents under our wing don’t just close deals; they become the benchmarks for excellence. Our track record screams louder than words: we pack more punch per agent, leaving firms twice our size eating our digital dust.

Get ready to shatter ceilings with our professional development seminars—tailor-made laboratories for your entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t expect the mundane. Anticipate transformative experiences that stretch your mind and skillset until you become the agent who sets trends, rather than the one who follows them.

Benefit from Leading Edge's training for successful client outcomes.