April 2024 Market Snapshot

“Amid the recent flurry of media attention on the real estate industry, this month’s housing report begins with an excerpt from our company pledge—a commitment signed by every Leading Edge Agent,” affirmed Linda O’Koniewski, CEO, Leading Edge.

In a world where integrity and honesty are often empty words, Leading Edge recognizes that Buyers and Sellers need competent, trustworthy,
and vigorous representation.

Hidden games, unethical tactics, laziness, negligence, and poor training cost clients money and trust.

Clients struggle to distinguish between self-serving agents and those who recognize their profound duty to represent their clients’ best interests. This often results in Sellers leaving substantial money on the table, and Buyers who can’t get their offers considered.

It happens every day in every market in America.

When you work with a Leading Edge agent, you know they are guided by principled action in every thing they do on your behalf.