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Amanda Driscoll Headshot
Amanda Driscoll
Creative Director

Pure genius. Our Creative Director never gets stuck in a rut and is constantly amazing us with her prolific and original design work. 


Amanda's signature work on our new brand look, signage, and all of the collateral and materials we use at Leading Edge, put us on the map as recognizable, edgy and smart players in our markets. The distinctive "look and feel" of Leading Edge showcases our agents, which, in turn, builds their brand with consumers.


Our "Amazing Amanda" develops and directs all creative work within the organization. Amanda also oversees the creation, design, printing and distribution of our agent’s personal marketing collateral.


She holds a degree in Graphic Design from The New England Institute of Art and is proficient in digital and print systems and processes. She hones her unique eye for light and color to optimize the look of the properties we sell.


She is an expert in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. She is detail-oriented, diligent, and, go figure, she LOVES her job. Amanda radiates talent when she is working side-by-side with the agents. She has our blessing to be outrageous, silly, sophisticated or mind-bending in her quest to try new things. She is treasured here.

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